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Cinnamon Citadel

Cinnamon Citadel 11

Located in Kandy, the last Kingdom of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and an iconic citadel in its own right. This is the Capital of the hill country wrapped in cultural heritage and natural beauty, set amidst historic monuments, enchanting forests, great rivers and breath-taking vistas of picturesque mountains and valleys.

The city of Kandy has a certain magic, a mystery and an aura of the past that still resonates in every nook and corner of this quaint city of old-world charm.

Influenced by the old and inspired by the new, Cinnamon Citadel has fused retro chic design with the rich heritage of this ancient kingdom to breathe new life to the most stylish hotel in the hills of Sri Lanka.

The Cinnamon Citadel is an ideal retreat for those seeking to view the treasures of this ancient city and for rest & relaxation in a peaceful setting – all in the lap of luxury and sophistication.