4 star

Mirissa Hills


Mirissa Hills, situated just minutes from the gorgeous Weligama Bay, with extensive views of the Ruhunu surroundings – Sri Lanka’s “deep south”, is actually a functioning cinnamon estate. The estate has been perfectly reinstated in the past few years by its present-day owner to make cinnamon of the best quality. The estate offers  three types of accommodation, each offering a soothing and pleasurable stay. At the base of the hill is an immaculately restored estate house, or walauwa, The Bungalow at Mirissa Hills is positioned around  well-kept grass and native trees, providing an escape to the serene countryside. Half-way up the hill is the Cinnamon Museum and Visitors’ Centre, with four captivating rooms permitting visitors to reside inside the globe’s only museum, devoted to the history and uses of Cinnamon. And, at the very top, with large 3600 views, is Mount Cinnamon, a lavish modern-day home majestically placed over the panorama, symbolizing the finest of Sri Lankan art and style. Every property is available individually, or, for big groups, and could be rented in pairs or even in combination.