4 star

Sir John’s Bungalow


The amenities at Sir John’s Bungalow enable you to discover the magnificence of Sri Lanka’s most incredible backyard. The drawing room and veranda looking over the gardens produce an unhindered look at the North Eastern flatlands, and present lots of areas to unwind and relax. A all-natural rock pool inside the landscape garden, fed by a burbling mountain spring. The vast 5-acre garden, featuring a meticulously maintained tea shrubbery, is ideal for morning-hour strolls or even for kids to run. Flat screen TVs, with satellite channels along with a DVD player, are already set up in both the Riverston suites and Sir John’s suite, offering guests a range of amusement choices. Individuals who rather prefer not be so adventurous and wish to relax,  in the convenience of a luxurious armchair, have a well-stocked library of intriguing publications on old Ceylon to immerse themselves. A wide array of board games is additionally available. Guests who want to make an attempt to record the Bungalow’s beautiful landscapes in art form will have the option of requesting easel, canvas, and oil paints, at a special rate. Our tasty meals could be relished by guests in the primary dining area, that features a fourteen-seater food table set, by a fireplace, or in the more compact non-public dining area, the veranda, or even the garden near the stream.