4 star

St Lachlan Hotel


Found on the western coastline of Sri Lanka approximately 37km from the Industrial Capital Colombo, is the northernmost resort and huge fishing town of Negombo. The closeness from the Colombo International Airport of just 7km has made Negombo a better choice for a relaxation spot that offers extended Sandy shorelines together with historical points of interest and vibrant colonial buildings. Primarily a Roman Catholic city, Negombo is also known as ‘Little Rome’ as a result of the highly decorative Portuguese period Roman Catholic churches within the town. The town is adorned with architectural and constructional treats from the colonial period with ample British, Portuguese and Dutch impact. In times past, Negombo had been a fishing village, and continues the tradition by being the primary providers of fresh Fish, not just for the local market, but for export as well. Present day Negombo is certainly not a village, as can be seen by its well developed city centre and also the shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants painting the picture of an urban environment. For any traveler looking for stunning beaches on the western coastline, Lagoon, and irresistible sea food, Negombo offers more than plenty.