4 star

Taylors Hill


Built in the1900’s, this heritage property was commissioned by an English colonial planter who harvested Arabica coffee around the soft sloping hillsides of his Pattiyagama estate in the charming Hewaheta valley. These early plantations surfaced nearby the hill capital of the ancient city of Kandy, when British were in charge of the country. Significant grants of crown land were offered to English subjects to grow this unique crop. Mr. Elwes set up a coffee plantation including a manufacturing plant along with a plantation bungalow. This plantation flourished and blossomed up until the coffee blight ruined the crops. James Taylor, another British planter, albeit much younger, who was employed in the nearby estate of Loolukandura, who was trying out the tea plants from Assam and swiftly this entire region including Mr. Elwes estate was commercially cultivated with flourishing tea which has turned into a globally renowned drink. The bungalow which is now known as Taylor’s Hill was constructed by a top English engineering company named Walker & Greg. The spec provided by Mr Elwes relates to an British country manor which includes massive drawing rooms, roomy sleeping rooms and balconies to absorb the incredible views.

The property currently  belongs to Esala Senanayake and his family, son of the well known Senanayake family of Kandy who are 5th generation plantation owners. They made the decision along with their partners Reiner and Christian Wilke to transform this heritage property to a boutique bungalow. The bungalow is nicely situated in the foothills of the renowned Kondagala hill range respected due to its Leopards and scarce Flora and Fauna. The rainforest looks over the Blue Mountain range of Hewahata.