4 star

The Fort Printers


Previously an 18th century mansion/college, Fort Printers is now a classy private hotel/luxury villa, displaying the new edge in both style and comfort. At the same time it paints fragments of Sri Lanka’s historical past in tourists’ minds, introducing the Lankan style. Fort Printers is suitably situated in Galle Fort; a fort holding a fascinating past with some European roots.

The Fort Printers is home to 5 elegant suites all filled with unique antiques. It was included on the Conde Nast Traveller Hot List, and there is no wonder why: guests can get the impression of a snug villa as well as a contemporary hotel with premium service!

Even just entering the villa through the Grand Hall is like visiting a stylish hotel in heaven: from there the beautiful inner courtyard and numerous Frangipani trees can be seen – picture perfect!

To acknowledge the college past of Fort Printers, the suites are named The Headmaster’s, The Prefect’s, History, Geography and Arts. The Prefect’s room is highly private and found in the courtyard, overlooking the pool. The bed is found on a higher platform, adding to its uniqueness and style, and there is an oversized chaise lounge and a writing desk, making the room snugly simple and chic at the same time. The Bathroom is just as trendy, with an antique bathtub and separate shower room, complementing the room itself. Every nook and cranny is spotlessly clean – anyone cautious about hygiene will be satisfied deeply! The room is swathed in colours and different fabrics with a smooth velvet bed sheet and glossy silk window drapes.

The headmaster’s suite has a picturesque view of Galle Harbour, the pool and the lighthouse. The elegant bathroom consists of a copper shower room with glazed Celadon tiled floors, adding the airy touch of grandeur to the modish room.

The Arts, History and Geography rooms all have airy ceilings, exposed original wood beams and polished wooden floors: rooms to please any mind, whether fussy or simple! The rooms are each furnished with a big platform bed, oversized chaise lounge and a writing desk. Very relaxed and jubilant rooms indeed!

Enjoy a fresh and pleasurable stay at Fort Printers for a vibrant Lankan adventure!