4 star

The Other Corner


“The Other Corner” is the result of one man’s outrageous notion! Rahula Dassenaieke, an admirer of mother nature in his own rights and a photography enthusiast, arrived at the idea of “The Other Corner” as being a location to unwind with the thought of sustaining an unsullied surroundings for other bird and nature addicts to savor the plethora of nature. Rahula is also the MD of Starron group of companies, founded in 1988 to meet the needs of the demand of times, and has now created a distinct segment for itself in the industry. Rahula’s desire with “The Other Corner” is that a lot more people will realize value of natural earth all around us and to present this type of location as will likely be all too scarce in the future, a spot of elegance, of serenity, of leisure as well as an observation point in the progression of nature.