4 star

The Saraii Village

The Saraii Village - Weerawila, Sri Lanka

Being rated by TripAdvisor among ten exclusive treetop hotels worldwide gives Saraii more than one reason to celebrate its sustainable message. CEO and founder of Saraii Charitha Abeyratne said, “We are grateful to TripAdvisor for considering us worthy enough for this remarkable rating. It feels good when you know you are being appreciated and recommended by your customers. This makes us very excited about the future of Saraii and the experience we offer our guests.”
Saraii Village started as an idea few thought plausible, some laughed at and others dismissed. But one person defended it and that was Charitha Abeyratne who was involved in building an organic Agro-Forestry business with her husband Prasanna, which inspired her to create a sustainable tourism business with an agro/eco platform.