4 star

The Three by TPV


This boutique hotel provides all hotel guests a piece of harmony and luxurious living. All half a dozen suites are superbly embellished in white-colored and also have outdoor bathrooms looking over a compact lush non-public garden. The trendy hotel is situated on the hill and from the 60 ft  long infinity pool area you’ve got a breathtaking view over the  Indian Ocean. If you wish to enjoy the real Sri Lanka whilst still being able to live in style – this has to be the destination!.

For over 10 years, business associates Thomas and Patrik were traveling the globe with their shoe company Vincent. featuring in 18 countries this meant countless number of nights at hotels and gradually a concept took shape. Both the swedish desigers wished to make a location that blended style, design, luxury and that true divine sensation. Along with global make-up artist Vadim they journeyed in search of that ideal place and on a hill overlooking the Indian Ocean on the southern coastline of Sri Lanka where  they discovered it. To ensure the idea was constructed based on their vision the group of three virtually lived on the building site for 6 month – providing them with an excellent prospect to get to know the nation.