4 star

Zylan Luxury Villa


Unlike other typical hotels, there is a woman as well as a story behind this Villa. Tsui Yan Ting Jennifer, a reputed Hongkong Chinese artist, has always had an affection for the resplendent island of Sri Lanka, and her burning passion for the art and the sentiments she had towards Sri Lanka helped her fulfill one of her ambitions: using her art work to bring awareness while helping budding artists in techniques via master classes, unearthing talent and helping in them in to better artists.   But as things unfolded the concept was transformed into a more demanding one with an idea of running a small luxury villa in Colombo. Thus the Zylan Luxury Villa was born, in the exclusive suburb of Cinnamon Gardens in an even more exclusive property.

The artfully decorated property has the dynamics and hues of Jennifer’s artwork which decorates the wall space of the public rooms plus the 8 Luxurious bed rooms and also the 2  Executive rooms.  “Zylan” means  ‘blossoming’ or ‘blooming’ and the guests at this genteel hotel will see and feel this artfully reflect in the villa. The creative imagination seen in the style and decor, the delectable ‘a la carte’ international food selection, the committed warm and friendly service and most importantly, enhanced comfort of the lovely bedrooms makes this the most apparent personal choice of discerning tourists, both local and international, for business or amusement. An open-air roof garden is available on the second floor where one can eat or simply unwind whilst all those feeling more lively can engage in the well-equipped gym & maybe enjoy a dip in the swimming pool on top floor. If you’re truly fortunate you may also listen to Helen playing gentle classical music,on her grand piano in the main sitting room.