DESTINATIONS in Trincomalee Sri lanka

  1. 4 star

    Koneswaram temple

    Koneswaram temple From : Sri Lanka

    Also known as the temple of the thousand pillars, this Hindu temple is located in Trincomalee. The primary deity is the lord Shiva in the form Konesar. In the past this temple was of the richest and most visited temples in the continent. It overlooks the Trincomalee borders and has been built on top of […]

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    Nilaveli Beach

    Nilaveli Beach 5 From : , Sri Lanka

    Pristine white sands, stretch far into the distance. The gentle waves slip softly to shore. The turquoise ocean seems endless as it blends into the clouds. Slowly, the golden sun lifts above the horizon – paradise at dawn? At Nilaveli Beach Hotel, this is just another ordinary morning. Located 275km from Colombo, on the North […]

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    Jungle Beach

    Jungle Beach 17 From : Sri Lanka

    Jungle beach is a like dream of a tomorrow-land its that wonderful and out of this world, whether speaking property-wise or hospitality-wise, they are doing an astonishing job don’t think any one could achieve such an job else where on this island as professional hoteliers and in a remote area like kuchchaveli, and the staff […]

  4. 4 star

    Chaaya Blu

    Chaaya Blu 11 From : Sri Lanka

    Chaaya Blu Trincomalee, once a 70s resort originally, has been transformed with a refreshing retro-chic design. 81 rooms in theme with stylish retro design are decorated with bleached wooden decks, cut cement floors, rattan furniture and denim trimmings. A splash of bright orange is used to contrast the blue and white hues. Choose from 36 […]

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    Trincomalee From : Sri Lanka

    With its clear waters and pristine white beaches , Trincomalee is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. The water’s relatively shallow and a lot calmer than other locations, making this highly suited for underwater photography and swimming. While these beaches are also ideal for sunbathing, surfing ,diving and whale watching, travellers […]